WGM Joonmi Couple Episode 1 English Sub

Jung Joon-young (Hangul: 정준영 Hanja: 鄭俊英 born February 21, 1989) is a Korean rock singer, songwriter and radio DJ, who was born in Indonesia, but raised in China, Europe (England and France) and the Philippines. Jung has lived in ten different countries because his father was an international business man. He had a lonely childhood but learned how to speak five different languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino and Korean.

Jeong Yu-mi (Hangul: 정유미; born February 23, 1984) is a South Korean actress. Jeong Yu-mi made her debut in a Lotte Xylitol chewing gum commercial in 2003 and afterwards played minor roles in several TV series and movies. She became a household name after portraying a gentle girlfriend in A Thousand Days’ Promise (2011)

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